More Physics positions: Gov’t, Cath, Indep – Seeking advice on Livestreaming. Vicphys News 4/T4/18

Dear All,

  1. More Physics Teacher Positions: Government, Catholic and Independent
  2. Seeking advice on Live Streaming

1. More Physics Teacher Positions: Government, Catholic and Independent
Some schools are seeking physics teachers for next year and hoping to finalise their staffing next week. So if you are looking for a position, now is the time to act.  Listed below are the private schools who have lodged ads with Vicphysics as well as the Government schools seeking physics teachers as found on the Department of Education and Training website.

Our website now provides a Job Ads webpage. As schools lodge information about a vacancy, it will be placed here on our website.  So far the vacancies on our website are:

  • Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris
  • Camberwell Grammar School, Canterbury
  • Mentone Grammar School

Schools can enter the details about a vacancy online here on our website.  There is a charge of $100 for a two months listing on our website and in this newsletter.

Government school positions are listed on this Government website .  A search for ‘physics’ gave the following  9 positions.  On that website you can click on a position to obtain more details.

  • Coburg High School
  • Werribee Secondary College
  • Camberwell High School
  • John Monash Science School
  • Seymour College
  • The Grange P – 12 College, Hoppers Crossing
  • Camperdown College
  • Noble Park Secondary College
  • Bayside P – 12 College, Williamstown

2.  Seeking advice on Live Streaming
This year Vicphysics has streamed live two events, and hopes to continue with this next year, but it is an expensive exercise.  So we are considering buying our own equipment.  However there is a large range of equipment options and costs. We have limited funds, but we are likely to use the equipment in a range of settings from lecture theatres with switches to a powerpoint and multiple radio microphones to a small room with a person speaking straight to camera. So it is difficult to decide which path we should take.
If any teachers have some experience with live streaming and can advise us on equipment choice, it would be very much appreciated. Please contact us at Vicphysics.

The Vicphysics Executive Team
Frances Sidari (Pres), Bronwyn Quint (Vice-Pres), Barbara McKinnon (Sec), Terry Tan (Treas) and Dan O’Keeffe (Coord)



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