Physics Review Q’naire – VCAA Solutions to NH paper. VicPhys News 2/T4/18

  1. VCAA begins the VCE Physics Course Review with a Questionnaire
  2. VCAA provides solutions to the NH Physics Exam
  3. Want to be a presenter at the Physics Teachers’ Conference?

VCAA begins the VCE Physics Course Review with a Questionnaire
Units 1 & 2 are accredited until December 2020, so these units are scheduled for a review in 2019.  VCAA is conducting a questionnaire to assist with this review process.  The questionnaire covers Units 1 to 4 as well as the advice to teachers.
The questionnaire can be accessed and completed here from the VCAA website.  The questionnaire can be completed at a later stage once commenced. To recommence the questionnaire, you use the [NEXT] button located in the bottom right hand corner to save entered information and then use the same computer and web browser on which the questionnaire was commenced as a copy of your responses will have been saved.

The closing date is 2nd November, 2018.

To assist you with preparing your responses to the questions on the questionnaire, a copy of the questions can be downloaded from here on the Vicphysics website.

In addition to this questionnaire, VCAA anticipates that teacher focus groups will be held to gather more information. Notification of focus groups will be via their Notice to Schools in addition to the Expression of Interest at the end of this questionnaire.

VCAA provides solutions to the NH Physics Exam
Usually the Chief Assessor’s reports on VCE exams provide for each question a short solution, a comment and the statistics of the responses.  However for the Northern Hemisphere (NH) papers held at the mid year, the reports on the VCAA website provide only the short solution to each question.  There is no marking scheme and no commentary or statistics. They are available here on the VCAA website and also on our Vicphysics website along with our more detailed solutions.

Students can now access different sets of solutions to compare, which will be useful for the explanation questions.

Want to be a presenter at the Physics Teachers’ Conference?
There is still time to register a workshop for next year’s conference.  Registration closes this Friday, 19th Octber.
We invite you to consider presenting a workshop for your colleagues at next year’s Physics Teachers’ Conference. We all have much to share. The conference will be on Friday, 15th February at La Trobe University.

A distinctive feature of the Physics Teachers’ Conference over the years has been the large number of teachers who offer workshops about what they do.  These workshops are not only beneficial for other teachers, but they also significantly enhance the curriculum vitae of the presenters and their own personal skills.

With the new course bedding down, the conference is an ideal forum for you to share your ideas on teaching the new content and the different ways of assessing.

If you would like to offer a workshop, please register the workshop on the STAV website, here

  • The presenter and only one co-presenter are free of charge for the session they are presenting.
  • All such presenters are able to register “free of charge” for other sessions at this conference.
  • All subsequent co-presenters are charged $75 each and need to register to attend sessions.
  • Presenters are not paid any fee nor is CRT covered.

The Vicphysics Executive Team
Frances Sidari (Pres), Bronwyn Quint (Vice-Pres), Barbara McKinnon (Sec), Terry Tan (Treas) and Dan O’Keeffe (Coord)